With anything, i guess it is always best to start at the beginning, right?


I was born in a very small town in Mexico, my fiance, Nicole Dalton, jokes that they just put in paved roads, which is not far from the truth. My parents brought me to the US when I was eight and currently reside in Los Feliz with Nicole, Buddy and Herbert(my two poodles). I am an avid dog lover and have been a photographer for 5 years now, however, my love for images, both still and moving, goes as far back as I can remember. 

I have been a full time photographer for about a year now, as of March 2019, the four years prior were all “the study years, the trying and failing and trying again years”.  And of course you never really stop trying to figure it out, and that is the exciting part about any art form, you're never done. 


I did have a life before photography, I worked for Ice Cube, yes, NWA’s Ice Cube. When I say I worked for Ice Cube, I mean I worked for his production company as a creative executive, it wasn't like Cube and I were hanging out everyday. And although we did play quite a bit of basketball and my office was right next to his, his being the much larger office, I have a strong suspicion he never really knew my name. That is a lie of course, I am almost certain he knew my name, especially the last five years of the 10 years I was there. 


Before working with Cube, I directed commercials and music videos for Passport Films, a now defunct production company based in New York. Some of my commercial clients included Levis, Everlast, The Massachusetts Tourism Board, Gold's Gym, Queen Latifah.  I’m certain my evolution from photography will take me back in that direction again, but for now, photography is what gets me up in the morning, inspires me, nurtures my creativity, and it is what I love and it seems to love me right back. 


That is pretty much the surface stuff, but If you would like to know just a bit more about me, shoot me an email or drop me a call so we can meet up, I am always happy to meet a new friend over a cup of coffee and a chocolate croissant.